Better Care Together – Help shape the future of Health and Social care services for you and your family. Share your views – Your views matter to us – COMING SOON

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Better Care Together: Your Views Matter To Us

Help Improve Health and Social Care Services for you and your family in Leicester and Leicestershire


What is Better Care Together?

  • It’s a 5 year programme to help improve the way Health and Social Services are delivered to patients by working better with partners including Hospitals, GP’s and Social Care Services in the Community.

Why do we need your views?

  • To help deliver a service that meets the needs of all our communities and improves the services we are currently offering patients.

How does Better Care Together aim to improve services?

  • Support children and parents to have the very best start in life
  • Help you stay well in mind and body throughout life
  • Knowing your history and plan better for your health needs
  • Care for the most vulnerable and frail
  • Make sure services are available when it matters, especially in a crisis
  • Help support patients and their loved ones when life comes to an end
  • Provide faster access, shorter waiting times and more convenient services out of hospital

How will I be able to give my views?

  • There will be a range of events organised by Shama Women’s Centre to gain your views from June 2016 onwards. This will include:
    • Coffee Mornings
    • Questionnaires
    • Discussion groups: A chance to meet with Health Care Professionals
    • We can arrange a session at a local centre near you
    • Free childcare at Shama Women’s Centre for 2-4 year olds
Please contact Shama Women’s Centre on 0116 251 4747
From 13th June 2016 to find out more