User Feedback

Bereavement Counselling Support


“The Counselling Support I have received  has really helped me to think more clearly about my feelings and why they are there.  Also, I have learnt to manage, accept and keep them in check. Thank you” Rita 

“The bereavement counselling sessions have helped me to clear my emotions. Before the counselling support my emotions were one big blur.  Anger, hate, love & grief have now separated in my mind helping me to focus better.  The support has helped me realise how special my relationship with my mother was. It’s helped me focus on the positive rather than the negative.”  Nina

“The counselling sessions have benefitted me by giving time to myself. I feel valued. My confidence and self-esteem have improved. I am more assertive now. I want to be able to focus more on myself, completing courses & eventually working. Thank you for you all help” Parminder

“Counselling has helped me through some difficult times. It’s made sense of certain situations and made me aware of how to tackle issues differently. It’s given me the ability to change and improve myself. I have been able to do this in a supportive safe environment with a non-judgemental person.”  Farhana

“I am grateful for the counselling I have received at Shama Women’s Centre. It has helped me to stand up to myself and say no to others, as I felt I was being taken advantage of. The process has encouraged me to put things into perspective and differentiate between what I want as an individual and expectations from others. My faith has become stronger as I am able to recognise and identify my needs”.  Anjum