Mental Health

At Shama, we have a dedicated team of experts, offering a range of services, opportunities, tools and therapies to enable you to care for your mental health.

Why is mental health so important?

There is a massive positive influence on staying physically health, with thousands invested in help and support to enable you to achieve this. But what about your mental health? It is equally, if not more important, to allow you to reach your full potential. Emotional, psychological and social well-being affect how you feel, think and act. This in turn influences how we handle life situations, relate to others and make choices, that, in turn, are healthy for us from childhood, adolescence, right the way through to adulthood. You cannot be truly healthy if your mental, physical or social wellbeing are unhealthy.

How we can support your mental health?

At Shama, we offer a range of counselling services, delivered by our team of expert, qualified and experienced counsellors. These sessions enable you to project your thoughts and feelings in a friendly and unprejudiced environment. We will teach you ways to interpret these feelings and techniques to allow you to accept and normalise them on a day to day basis. So, put yourself first and get in touch today.


1-2-1 sessions

These regular, confidential sessions give you a secure outlet to process your concerns. These can take place online or face to face and are a fantastic resource to teach you things about yourself.

Self-harm and suicide support

We are also here to provide 1-1 counselling or group peer support for those who are experiencing self-harm or suicidal thoughts, our experienced friendly team are here to help. Contact us

Family sessions

Over the years, we have found that, sometimes it is helpful to have group sessions with those that you love. This allows you to open up about things that you may not share as regularly as perhaps you should. It also develops a support network around you to motivate you to develop and grow.

Parenting sessions

These sessions are for new parents, separated parents, parents of children who have mental health issues or further support needs or for those that may have lost a child and are struggling with parenting for their other children. As a parent, we know there is a lot of responsibility to become strong role models that your children can relate to and be inspired by. With the support of our counsellors, we will invigorate your energy to be the best parent you can be for your children.

Carers sessions

Often, those that care for others, don’t care enough for themselves. These funded sessions allow you to access some self-care and respite. In particular, we aim to teach you methods to enable you to feel well in yourself to ensure you can carry on caring for your loved ones. #selfcareisnotselfish

Bereavement sessions

Over the last 6 years, we have delivered a successful programme of support to the local BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) community. We have developed our expertise further on the needs of the wider community and understand losing a loved one can be a complex, emotional time. Our recommendation is to understand those emotions, and access as much support as you need.

Looking for support from one of our counselling experts?

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“Counselling helped me to see things much more clearly. I began to understand my life and choices I had made in the past. Counselling gave me clarity; it helped me unravel the mesh I had in my head. My life had been chaotic and I had not realised this until I had pursued therapy”.

Free Workshops

These sessions will educate, inspire and invigorate you to take self-care seriously. Take a look at our current offer and be sure to book on, spaces will be limited on all the courses.

If you would like further information about anything else not covered in our existing programme, please get in touch and our experts will endeavour to support you.

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