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Shama have been working tirelessly over the last 35 years without any support from local businesses. In our efforts to become independent of grant funding, and exit this continuous cycle of time-limited projects, we are reaching out to businesses to help us develop sustainable programmes to continue our vital services to those most in need. There are many ways in which you can offer your support.

How you can support Shama

CSR Offer

Volunteering opportunities available for the company and employees, mentoring and skill sharing.

Charity of the year

Pledge to support Shama as your charity of choice with a minimum of £5k.


Fundraise or donate £1k to support Shama’s services


Sponsor a child to access nursery over the year, or a DV client to receive support.

Trustee or Strategic lead

Enhance our board with new members who have fresh ideas and lots of energy.

Supported by many fab businesses

Donate today

What distinguishes smaller businesses from larger corporations is how connected they are with the community. Donating can provide significant benefits for your business. Advantages such as good PR, increased employee involvement, demonstration of corporate social responsibility, customers connection to companies that give back, and further improve the brand image.

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