Welcome to Shama Women’s Centre, a place for the women of Leicester to make friends, learn and reach their full potential. For more than 30 years we have helped women from diverse communities to overcome cultural, economic and language barriers to achieve wonderful things.

What's it all about?

Leicester Women can take part in workshops, receive advice and use our facilities to build confidence, gain qualifications, experience and find employment.

Shama also has fantastic women-only sauna and gym facilities to improve health and wellbeing. We want all local women to have the opportunity to participate. Our centre has multi-lingual staff and we also provide (limited) childcare.

Discover what’s going on at Shama Women’s Centre and how you can take part today.


“Shama Women’s Centre is very good for all ladies, but it is very helpful for ladies who come from overseas and whose first language is not English”

Nitaben Makanbhai