Mental Health at work has never been more important to employers. With billions of pounds lost each year in long-term absences and thousands of hours lost in productivity of staff, there are so many reasons for business leaders and people managers to revisit their interventions to ensure staff are looked after whilst at work. At Shama, we have trialled and tested a set of informative and supportive workshops that will encourage colleagues to recognise when they need help, make positive changes to help themselves and signpost them to community resources.

Workshop #1

Introduction to Mental health and Emotional Wellbeing

Mental health and emotional wellbeing have never been more important. This session will enable you to understand Mental health from a wider perspective, gaining insight & knowledge into the key elements of mental ill health, some common diagnoses’, the effects mental ill health on emotional wellbeing and how best to support yourself or someone you know is struggling.

Workshop #2

Understanding bereavement loss and grief

Everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in a different way and we want you to embrace the way that works for you. In this session, we will provide an informative perspective on Bereavement, loss & grief, something we will face in our lives at some time or another. It is inevitable. Evoking feelings, searching, yearning, learning, making sense of something that does not make sense. This session will engage and enable you to capture your own meaningful clarification on bereavement, loss & grief and show you ways in which you can support yourself through this process.

Workshop #3

Stepping out of anxiety  – Stepping into self-care

RRaising awareness about mental health is essential to ensure people can access help at an early stage, without it becoming chronic or affecting other aspects of your life. In this session we will elaborate on what anxiety is, how it affects our mind & body, as both are interconnected. After an understanding of how we can be impacted in our daily functioning by anxiety, we will share tips & tools on how to manage it to ensure you are healthy and feel supported.

Workshop #4

Understanding Depression

Depression is becoming more visible given the circumstances we have faced over past several months. That is why we believe in how important it is to understand depression further. This session will enable you to understand depression generally as well as give you some more information about the different types of depression. You will gain knowledge and understanding on the effects of depression on your health and the potential causes that contribute to someone’s vulnerability to depression. We will also touch on the presence of stigma within cultures, backgrounds and differing communities and how best we can all support ourselves and others in this state.

Workshop #5

Let’s connect to our Emotions and Feelings

Emotions and feelings are a complex part of who we are. Understanding what our emotions mean and how different feelings are triggered gives us a better sense of control. In this session, we will create an awareness into our deeper, inner-selves and those around us. Emotions and feelings are a part of us. They determine our moods and behaviour, both constructively and destructively, which can sometimes, be detrimental to our lives. Managing emotions and feelings can be the key to successful relationships. The session will connect you and enhance your understanding of emotions and feelings

Workshop #6

Notice, Nurture and Flourish

The day to day life struggles can sometimes be overwhelming, and in turn affect our self-perception. It is essential to find ways to self-care and ensure you have outlets to remain positive about yourself. In this session we will explain what Self Esteem is, the differences between High & Low Self Esteem. We will look at how we can be more positive about ourselves and share tips on how boost your self-esteem to increase self-esteem.

Access to the workshops

All you need to do to access these workshops is complete the form below and make the payment. Once we have received the payment, we will send you all 6 workshops to share with your team. You will also receive a FREE resource to add to your HR manuals with guidance and links to a range of helpful tools for your staff. We are here to help, so please get in touch with us if you would like further advice on your wellbeing support provisions.

Remember, by accessing these workshops, you are not only helping your team, but enabling us to continue to provide tailored, emergency support to those most in need.

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