People Managers

We have a range of services for people managers that will enable you to encourage a positive culture in the workplace, whilst fulfilling your legal obligations to your staff.

Do you…

  • … have staff management responsibilities?

  • … have staff that feel comfortable enough to share personal issues or concerns with you?

  • … feel confident and prepared to support them as best as possible?

  • … have transparent and compliant processes in place that you can follow to ensure you fulfil your duty of care to them?

Here’s how we can help

We understand it can be daunting if you don’t have a clear process in place, or feel the processes you have needs to be reviewed to ensure fair treatment of someone who may disclose a mental health concern.

Management Coaching

Our bespoke and tailored support combines mental health and confidence building help to your managers personally, as well as, reviewing processes and instilling assurance to address mental health issues with their team. We will be able to guide you on how to open conversations with your staff about mental health and create a positive and supportive environment for them.

Management Training

Our intensive training courses give managers everything they need to know about what is and isn’t classified as mental health conditions, current issues for employers, managing wellbeing in different contexts and the signs to look out for at work. Amongst this, we will go over the legal obligations of managers and employers in ensuring their staff are well supported whilst at work.