Mental Health in Workplace

We have a range of resources and opportunities for you to ensure you and your staff have access to all the help you need.

Why is mental health support at work important?

According to the mental health charity Mind, at any given time, at least one in six workers are experiencing common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.

Poor mental health is costing UK employers between £32 and £42 billion a year.

For private sector organisations, the cost is an average of £1,100 per employee each year. Good mental health enables us to thrive! As individuals, we understand this and many business owners and leaders are also investing in wellbeing support in the workplace.

According to research, studies provide strong evidence to suggest that companies with high levels of mental health awareness are more successful. The Government’s Stevenson-Farmer review of mental health and employers in 2017 report states that businesses that invest in mental health interventions report an average of £4.20 return for each pound spent.

Free Resource

Do you have a go-to guide for your staff and managers that they can easily access?

Our professional, mental health experts have written this to enable staff to better understand mental health, be it their own or their colleagues, give them a general idea about the signs to look for in someone that may be suffering poor mental health, tips and advice on next steps, as well as other resources that may help them. In addition, we have added in some further guidance for people managers to give them the confidence to have an open door culture, encourage a positive outlook on mental health and have conversations in a supportive and professional manner.

    Free Workshops

    These sessions will educate, inspire and invigorate you to take self-care seriously. Take a look at our current offer and be sure to book on, spaces will be limited on all the courses.

    If you would like further information about anything else not covered in our existing programme, please get in touch and our experts will endeavour to support you.

    Learn More

    Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

    Understand Mental health from a wider perspective.

    Emotions and Feelings

    Create an awareness into our deeper, inner-selves and those around us.

    Bereavement, Loss and Grief

    An informative perspective on Bereavement, loss & grief.


    The effects of depression on your health and the potential causes.

    Anxiety Awareness

    What anxiety is, how it affects our mind & body, a deeper dive.

    Self Esteem

    What is it, the differences between Inflated, High & Low Self Esteem.

    Business Package

    Some businesses may require a combination of support packages for their teams, so we will work with you to ensure we provide the most effective solution for you. We will carry out a needs assessment with your managers and HR team to create a bespoke package of support for you. We will work with you to assess the impact of our interventions and ensure you get the best results for your staff and the business.

    Want to know more, then please get in touch and let us help you help your business.

    Business Links

    Business Counselling

    Support services that include talk services for businesses. Assist your employees with the help needed to remain in work with confidence.

    Support for People Managers

    Support for people managers that will enable you to encourage a positive culture in the workplace, whilst fulfilling your legal obligations to your staff.