Our courses enable women to build their confidence and skills to find work and to participate fully in the wider Leicester community.

ESOL Classes

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses help women improve their speaking and written skills.

Class specification

  • Entry Level 1, 2, 3 and Level 1 ESOL (Speaking & Listening)
  • Courses are over 16 weeks, plus 2 hours per week of information, advice and guidance support. Exam Fees may apply.
  • Pre-entry ESOL for beginners – 6 weeks, 4 hours a week (Subject to demand)
  • Virtual classes online

How can ESOL help you?

  • Learn a second language
  • Improve on your existing language
  • Classes are local in your community
  • Fun & Practical
  • Make friends
  • We will cover the cost of childcare
  • Short Course last 10 weeks

Who can join?

  • People who are unemployed
  • People living in the UK
  • No minimum residency period

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Currently Active

Speaking and Listening

Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3 & Level 1
Start Date: 13th April 2021
Tuesday – 9.30am – 12.30pm –   Entry 1 & 2
Thursday – 9.30am – 12.30pm – Entry 3 & Level 1
16 week course – Term time
Cost – £10 Membership fee – £10 Admin fee


Professional Short Course

First Aid

Learn how to recognise and manage emergencies and build a foundation of first aid knowledge and skills to build on.

Pediatric First Aid

First aid skills, details on accident reporting, and administering medication for those working in a childcare setting.

Health & Safety

Provide you with an understanding of the importance of health and safety.

Food & Hygiene

Basic principles of food safety and hygiene who works in an environment where food is prepared.

Level 2 Distant Certified Learning


Learner must be over 19 and lived in the EU for 3 years on a full visa.

Enrolling process

All courses available at Shama is subject to an active membership. See more about memberships here. Simply complete the form and we will be in contact.

Course List

Mental Health Awareness

Learn about Mental Health and the issues around it.

Customer Services

Develop your customer service knowledge & enhance day-to-day interactions.

Caring for children

Knowledge covering the development and care of children, health and safety.

Organisational Management

Management of complexities and challenges.

Cleaning Principles

Develop knowledge of generic and specialist cleaning principles.

Business Administration

Develop knowledge of a range of business and administration practices.

Info, Advice & Guidance

Practical skills needed to successfully convey information, advice or guidance.

Behaviour that Challenges

Raise awareness and understanding of behaviour and its effects.

Business Startup

Help for those thinking of setting up a small business.

Care Planning

Understanding of your role in supporting needs individuals.

Infection Control

Understand how infections spread and how to prevent it.

Equality & Diversity

Help you counteract stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice.

Learning Disabilities

Understand how individuals with difficulties can be supported.

Adult Social Care

Learn about person-centred care and safe working practices.

Health, Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition courses cover concepts at the intersection of food and health.

Falls Prevention Awareness

Awareness and understanding of falls and how to prevent them.

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