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Yasmin Nathani

“Since joining Shama my life has changed dramatically.  I was a housewife and after joining Shama I gained the confidence to get qualifications to become a qualified Adult Tutor and Advisor.  During my time at Shama I became a working professional from a housewife.  I have gained a lot of accolades.  I was student of the year at the Highfields Centre in 2000, I was awarded an MBE in 2016 and I got the Muslim in the Community Award in 2017.  My family are extremely proud of my achievements and that makes me very happy.  The work I have done at Shama is recognised by the local communities, the local authority and politicians,  which makes me very proud to be the chair of Shama.”


When did you come to Shama?

Became a member of Shama Women’s Centre in 1988.

Why did you come to Shama?

It provided an outlet from the dreary mundane tasks I used to do at home.  I could look forward to going somewhere where I could learn new skills in a safe environment and also have some “me” time.

What makes Shama a great place?

Shama is a home away from home, it is warm and welcoming.  As soon as you step into the Centre you feel a warm vibe and a feeling of positivity. I feel very proud to be the chair of such a fantastic organisation.

How do you envision the future of Shama?

I know that Shama will be a beacon of hope for women for a long time.  We are always endeavouring to provide better services for our members.   Shama will continue to light the lives of women in the future and I hope to be a part of that.

What are you doing since joining?

I really enjoyed being with like-minded women, I went onto achieving 3 GCSEs and an A-Level. Currently I serve as a Chair of the Board at Shama.

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