Let us take a few moments to sit back and think about what we know about therapy!

What do we mean by therapy?

Therapy or psychotherapy involves seeking professional support to resolve underlying and ongoing internal issues that affect ones behaviours, beliefs, feelings, relationships or sensations in the body. Often, people believe that they need to have something ‘significantly wrong’ with them before they access such support. However, it’s important to recognise when something doesn’t ‘feel right’, and taking positive and progressive actions to make things comfortable or ‘right’ for you.

How can therapy help you?

In essence, most part of therapy is about looking inwards to acknowledge what you already know – from the standpoint of your own present understanding, knowledge and awareness.

The process then takes you through a journey of challenging your thoughts, ideals and sometimes also understanding the nature/nurture presence or absence of environments you may have experienced within your childhood through to the present day.

This travel through time within your expression of therapy then informs you of who you are? What do you represent and how comfortable you are or arent’t with that, as the case may be? It may direct you to questions like, what are my issues and where’s the conflict?

‘Is it internal, within myself? Or Is it external , within my environment!’

Or simply, you may be struggling with yourself and how you communicate with others – perhaps family dynamics are raw?

What will you achieve through therapy?

Therapy allows you to understand your part in the present and it magnifies your understanding of yourself on a constructive, conscious level.

The ‘present’ for you may be bereavement, divorce, job loss or financial hardship or perhaps other life challenges. You may have a mental health diagnosis and maybe struggling to understand the depth of that diagnosis and how it may now impact the ways in which you are functioning.

Therapy can inform you, give you invaluable foresight and support you in times of despair, grief and isolation.

It also allows you the opportunity to realign yourself, renew your identity and tap into your innate resilience to improve self-care, thus improve your quality of life.

But more importantly, therapy allows you the unique chance to engage in a dialogue with yourself, which will then allow you to feel content and whole, whilst being supported.

Therapy can be a powerful, positive space and time for you, mentally and physically, whereby encouraging positive, long term change that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve on your own.

Do you need some support?