Self Care

What do we mean by Self-Care?

Self-Care is when we are consciously looking after our wellbeing be it emotional wellbeing or physical health. Research informs us that we cannot achieve a healthy balance without due attention to both our physical health and our emotional wellbeing.

Ways in which we can achieve an equal measure.


When we care, value and look after our SELF we are portraying to the world that we are in control of our emotions and feelings and are able to rise to changing situations within our environments. Having resilience to face another day. More importantly we are reassuring ourselves that we are managing and will continue to do so.


Understanding of self in context to others – the ways in which we engage and communicate with others has a lasting impact on us.


Every interaction or communication that we encounter will usually require us to Of course not every situation in our environment is within our control however how we respond to our challenges and difficulties is something that we can usually control and measure within ourselves if we have a healthy sense of SELF AWARENESS.


Having autonomy usually directs a positive outcome to challenging situations as then we are ourselves reassured that we have taken the right decisions for US and the people in our care.

Self  –  Care

Is not about being selfish or dismissing a lack of care towards others in our environment actually it is the exact opposite.  Fundamentally we need to address ourselves first and foremost especially if we do have dependants/ children/adults that are our responsibility and whom look to us for their care and support.

There is a lack of address to self and many factors can play a negative part in us not achieving SELF CARE:-

Some of which you may identify with and CAN begin to make changes around to create SELF- CARE

  • Men and women – differing expectations of gender roles in society/culture
  • Healthy Value of Self
  • How we identify within ourselves – who am I?
  • How others see us?
  • Confidence in self
  • Culture and identity
  • Religion and identity
  • Background and upbringing
  • Trauma’s we carry with us and have not yet addressed
  • Support in our environments – Reaching out
  • Resilience and understanding of it – Reaching In
  • Feeling Joy and happiness
  • Creating gratitude
  • Physical Exercise
  • Eating healthy
  • Having enough sleep

Let’s be expressive in order to achieve our SELF-CARE

This can be done with the support of a counsellor at Shama Women’s Centre, contact us in order to achieve that dialogue with yourself to attain some much needed SELF-CARE.

This is just the beginning of an important journey towards SELF-CARE.

Do you need some support?