Suicide is a decision a person makes about ending their life. Suicide is complex. There are no specific answers, although there are many explanations as to why an individual may ultimately take their own life. A combination of factors surrounds us in our world. Our environment consequently genetics, our mind and society contribute, create, and informs us.

So, what do I mean?

We as human beings including our DNA are conformed and conditioned due to our beliefs, upbringing, morals, values, and culture. This influences the decisions we make in our daily lives.

What are the potential factors?

These factors include mental health issues; if someone is suffering from mental health this may be a cause, the emotional pain and loss of hope can influence a person’s decision. Cultural identities and the background of a person impacts a person’s thoughts, making them vulnerable to suicidal thoughts following a long-term mental health diagnosis. A lack of support and understanding can exacerbate their well-being.  Physical health issues: a long-term illness can lead to feelings of low mood, value of self, which can then relate to suicidal ideation and mental health decline. Other reasons suggest challenges one may face in day-to-day life, struggles due to; loss of a job, loss of freedom, relationship, loved one, bullying, social isolation, difference, financial hardship, suffered trauma, abuse, unbearable pain, substance use, expectations; academia, parents, job place, society.

Impact of Suicide

Suicide is a traumatic tragedy. One that no one should experience, yet sadly many of us will face this through loved ones, famous individuals, or stories we hear. Those bereaved by suicide are unable to make sense of it.

Well, how, can you?

They are left with such devastation, their world has been turned upside down, their lives uprooted. Unimaginable!

Can you imagine what they are going through?

You hear the news, those words that are difficult to process, followed by shock. Denial, guilt, blame, bargaining, shame, anger, failure, regret, sadness is amongst many of the feelings and emotions one may experience.

How does one continue to survive?

Uncertainties, fears, anxieties, questions, the unknown, uncertainties for the future, unable to cope, one may go through. Loved ones are left in turmoil. They are stuck in their grief. Unable to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense.

It is incorrect to say, ‘commit suicide’. A crime has not been committed. They have ‘taken their life’ or ‘died by suicide’.

Survivors of attempted Suicide

PTSD, alcohol abuse, heard parents argue, unhealthy relationship with parents or caregivers, abuse, victim of trauma, loss of loved one, guilt, blaming self, dark, despair, isolated, numb, felt alone, questioning existence, inescapable, surrounded by blackness, consumed with darkness, frightened, confused, anxious, feeling desperate, feeling hopeless, wanting to die, not wanting to be alive, no way out, builds up overtime, no strength, crying, unbearable pain, feeling out of control. Some have said because they may look presentable (as in their appearance) and appear confident, going about their day to day lives, it doesn’t mean they are not suffering from mental health issues. Society has this perception, and some people feel they haven’t been taken seriously. All lives matter.

Certain Warning Signs

  • Suicidal thoughts,
  • When someone says they are wanting to kill themselves,
  • When someone has a plan in place; a date, time, place, how they would take their own life,
  • Attempted Suicide previously,
  • Self-Harm,
  • Self-Harm,
  • Substance misuse,
  • Feeling trapped, helplessness, useless
  • No purpose or direction,
  • Unable to sleep / sleeping all the time,
  • Social withdrawal,
  • Mood swings,
  • Mental Health Issues

Crucial to talk about how we are feeling. Find someone to talk to a friend, GP, Samaritan. We owe it to ourselves and others we care about. Whether we are suicidal or whether we have been bereaved by suicide.

Do you need some support?

There are organisations we can seek support from either those feeling suicidal or those bereaved by suicide:

– Staying Safe Website

– Your registered GP

– GP out of hours 111

– Child line 0800 1111

– Young Minds Crisis Messenger under 19 – Text YM to 85258

– Samaritans – 116 123

– Tomorrow Project – tomorrowproject.org.uk

– Harmless – harmless.org.uk

– Papyrus – Hopeline UK – 0800 068 4141 | pat@papyrus-uk.org

SOBS – Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

0300 111 5065
9am-9pm Mon-Sun

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably 

0800 585858
5pm until midnight
visit webchat

SOS – Silence of Suicide

4pm until midnight
0300 1020 505
Emergency Services -999