At Shama you

are never alone.

Domestic Abuse

We’re ready, are you?

At Shama we provide a confidential women only service. Our team of female multi-lingual skilled experts are ready to support your needs. We cover domestic abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual violence, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

How can we help?

  • Provide face to face risk assessment and personal safety plans.
  • Signposting victims to range of agencies including legal advocacy to overcome barriers to reporting crimes.
  • Referral to emergency support services: housing and welfare, RAPE crisis, Access to food banks for those who limited
  • Assist in the provision of emergency housing that meets cultural needs
  • Provide a multi-lingual befriending service to guide and support victims and witnesses through the process.
  • Provide self- help groups at the Centre to share experiences with other victims.
  • Provide Domestic Abuse and mental health counselling to victims to help overcome the trauma of abuse and exploitation including depression and low self-esteem using multi-lingual Counsellors and befrienders.

Support is right here.

Alternatively you can:
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Domestic Violence Referral Form for Professionals